Marvin Niebuhr Bio

Streambeds, washes, arroyos- wherever water flows, rocks get worn and sculpted by nature. Sticks and stones get lodged in the water worn crevices. These natural events have inspired sculptor Marvin Niebuhr in the construction of his Southwest landscape series. The mountains and deserts of Texas and New Mexico are reflected in his imagery. Wood and stone native to the Southwest, in combination with cast bronze and aluminum, are the main components in his work. For over forty years he has been producing both pure and architectural sculpture. Marvin holds a BFA and an MA in Sculpture and Jewelry and has taught art courses at the University of Texas Pan American. His studio and foundry are located near Dripping Springs in the Texas Hill Country.

"My life long passion for creating things began as a child, in my father's shop. My father was a furniture and cabinet maker, and I took what I learned from him and fortified it with a Bachelor s and a Master s degree in sculpture and jewelry making.

"My work has appeared through out the Southwest and California in galleries and private collections. I have taught art at universities and art schools and given many workshops in art technique. While most of my work is custom designed for the patron, I do have some work available for sale in my studio.

"I am equipped to work in wood, fabricated and cast metal, and stone. While my work entails much hand work, I am not above utilizing the latest technology including computerized laser cutting. Studio and shops are located in the Texas Hill Country.

Photography has paralleled my passion for three dimensional work beginning in high school using an old 4X5 Speed Graphic press camera and now using the latest digital camera technology."

Marvin with apprentice

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